Sunday, September 11, 2011

How I want to live my life.

(a starting point.)

To take the teachings of Jesus seriously.
To be constantly aware of my need for God's mercy.
To be hospitable and welcome others into my home.
To speak truth in love.
To have meaningful friendships with people I can rely on and be vulnerable with.
To have a husband I respect, admire, and love...a lot.
To create a safe home for my children where God's love is evident, compassion for others is expected, and creativity is encouraged.
To live in the city and be intentional about community in my neighborhood and church.
To have a career that is about redemption and facilitating change.
To hold my possessions with open hands, knowing they are impermeable.
To always be looking for ways to love and serve others.
To create and not destroy.
To seek God's will and be continually drawing closer to Him.

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